MM Media Management
We can handle all of your website needs!


Website/Graphic Design/Hosting/SEO

Your website, graphics and logos will be beautiful and compatible with all devices. Web hosting starts at $9.99 per month. Ask about our comprehensive SEO analysis and optimization!


We offer professional commercial, portrait and product photography and video.

Talent Buyer/Middle Agent for Asia

Booking top quality entertainment for promoter’s, event planners and  investors from Asia, and bridging our promoters to top artists from US and other markets for major events throughout Asia. 

Social Networking

We will setup and manage all of your social networking sites!

*Free Website Search Engine Analysis

Percentage of website traffic from Google 1st Page 95%
Percentage of of users search on a smartphone 88%
Percentage of all website traffic comes from organic search 51%
Percentage of large companies consider link building as the most difficult SEO tactic 41%
* The Search engine website analysis (Regularily: $250.00) is free with the purchase of the website search engine optimization service.

The Team

Michael Heymann brings his 20 plus years of experience in web development/design, online classifieds, online education, online retail and online real estate to MM Media Management.

Michael Heymann

Margaret Kimura brings her 20+ years of experience in Art Direction, Photography, Video, Publishing & Content Creation to MM Media Management.

Margaret Kiimura

The MM Media team of designers, technology experts, technicians and managers

And More...

“When I needed my new website to be stylish and look good on on computers and mobile phones, I called MM Media.  It was a fantastic decision. Thanks MM!”

Our clients

About us

We specialize in new school technology and old school customer service.

Whether we are creating a new website, doing SEO analysis or social networking, we work closely with our clients, building relationships while we go.

We specialize in Website Development, SEO Analysis, Social Networking Management, Photography and Videography.

Our mission

In this ever changing online world, we understand that websites & social media are all about building relationships between brands and consumers. Every client has specific needs that require custom research and planning.

We know that keeping up with modern marketing technology is vital in ensuring the most value and efficiency when developing client Websites and SEO / SMO campaigns.

What we offer

  • Design (Website & Grapics
  • Website Hosting (Reliable & Affordable)
  • Photography & Videography (Retoucing & Editing)
  • Social Networking (Setup & Management)
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