Talent Booking

When booking talent for a concert or festival booking agencies are a vital resource. Booking concert & festival artist require a great deal of experience and expertise, which is why it is so important to work the right people, especially when it comes to the contracts, and negotiation and offer process.

The process starts with an inquiry which will give the artists agent an idea of your event type, dates, and budget

Once the artist accepts your official booking offer, contracts will issued and deposits scheduled for payment. Each step of this process can be very complex and must be handled with care, to make sure that all parties stay engaged and positive.

Artists can be very difficult to access and deal with. That is why it is very important to have the right representation to make sure that you get the top talent, while making the best deal possible.

Most Middle Agents/Talent Buyers must deal directly with talent agents and management teams. This can create barriers in reaching the right people, and makes the process take much longer then necessary.  There is also no guarantee when all is said and done that the talent will ever hear your proposal.

What Makes MM Media Management different is Our Team.   Our Team comes with a huge list of top talent. A list built on years of hard work and relationship building. Our team is able to connect directly with the people that make the final decisions. This not only expedites the process but it also allows the actual talent to make the decision, and not corporate filters.

MM Media Management is not only the best choice, it is the only choice!

Product Placement

Product Placement is the integration of your product into a film or television production for as a way to market or promote your brand  or product.

The product is always visible, although often not the focus of the scene.

Research has found that 60% of audiences feel more positive about brands recognized from a placement.Product Placement can: 

  • Increase consumer recall and brand awareness

  • Target core demographic’

  • Bring in new customers

  • Heighten brand recognition

  • Impact brand sales

Celebrity Influencing

Celebrity Influencing is marketing focused on celebrities who have built a large fan base that follows the celebrity. The objective is to make sure that our clients receive the largest return on your investment.

This is done by matching your brand or product with a Celebrity Influencer that is speaks to your audience.

Through celebrity influencing you will build a brand relationship with talent at the appropriate level to match your budget and audience.

In today’s world social media plays is powerful in Public Relations.

Celebrity influencing can provide you with a powerful marketing partnership.

Studies show that user-generated content is trusted 50% more than any other source.

Celebrity Endorsments

Almost 90% of Fortune 100 brands incorporate celebrity endorsements in their marketing strategy. Celebrities have a high level of influence on society. The products that celebrities endorse can increase in sales by double digit percentages.

Celebrity endorsements has become a vital part of marketing strategies aimed at engaging consumers and improving sales. MM Media Management can help you to create partnerships with celebrities that will bring new brand awareness, and celebrity testimonials and photography used in social media, advertising, and PR campaigns.

Celebrity endorsements can be used in commercials, print, promotions, events and speaking engagements.

Celebrity endorsements are typically written, spoken or photographic.

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