About Us

MM Media Management is a team of web technology experts that specialize in old school client relations.

We work closely with our clients’ from the beginning until the end, creating an influential brand and vision. We team up with our clients to develop the best social media strategy for achieving our clients goals.

Our staff has extensive experience in technology, internet, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, print, art direction, marketing, public relations, photography, videography, TV, film, education, retail and real estate… and much more. We bring all of this together to form a modern company
with an understanding of your business and it’s unique needs and


About our Founders

Michael Heymann and Margaret Kimura founded MM Media Management after conversations with many established businesses, who wanted to expand onto the internet but didn’t know where to start.

Michael Heymann brings his 20 plus years of experience in web development/design, online classifieds, online education, online retail and online real estate to MM Media Management.

Margaret Kimura brings her 20 plus years of experience in Art Direction, Photography, Videography, Publishing and Public Relations to MM Media Management.

Along with their team of technology experts, technicians and managers, Michael and Margaret are excited to offer their clients a unique experience of new school technology with old school customer service.

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